Tisser des liens avec votre bébé

Ready-to-use workshop in French for service providers: practical tips and simple messages for parents on parent-child attachment. (2011)

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The purpose of this workshop is to provide practical tips for parents and simple messages on the topic of parent-child attachment. The workshop is designed for a group of 8-12 parents of children aged 0 to 1, and their babies, and lasts 60-75 min.

The workshop contains the following key messages

  • It is important to comfort your baby when he needs it, especially when he is hurt, sick or frightened.
  • It is important to talk, read, play and have fun with your baby every day.
  • Each baby has a unique personality and has many ways to communicate his needs.
  • If your baby feels safe, it will help him develop to his potential.

It contains materials and recommendations for:

  • Introduction of presenter and topic.
  • Introduction of participants and their babies.
  • Overview of attachment.
  • Activities.
  • Additional resources and information.
  • Conclusion and evaluation.

Also available in English.