Creating a Smoke Free Environment For Your Children

Ready-to use workshop (video + manual) in English for service providers : suggestions to facilitate the discussion, information on second-hand smoke. (2010)


Second-hand smoke is a mixture of exhaled smoke and smoke that comes from the tip of a burning cigarette, pipe, or cigar.

This ready-to-use workshop is intended to help service providers to facilitate a discussion with new and future parents and for everyone who shares their environment with children, even occasionally (relatives, friends, babysitters, etc.) about the impact of second-hand smoke on young families and to explore strategies for helping to reduce or eliminate this impact.. It is composed of:

  • facilitator guide, downloadable as a free PDF.
  • the video Creating a Smoke-Free Environment for Your Children (in English or French). Watch it for free on Youtube, or download it for 50 CAD.

Also available in French.
See also: Information on Second and Third-Hand Smoke, a handout for parents in English or French.