Optimizing Partnership Projects for Systems Change: A Toolkit for Funders and Partners


This accessible PDF toolkit was informed by a three-year project testing an innovative funding model. Health Nexus provided support, coaching and evaluation to partnership projects for gender equity in community and political action. (2020)


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This toolkit is a must-read for any organization or individual passionate about gender equity. It provides evidence-informed, action-oriented recommendations and resources about partnership projects for systems change in gender equity, and how to effectively fund and optimize the impacts of such partnerships. The recommendations and resources in this toolkit are informed by Health Nexus’ national three-year project that evaluated an innovative partnership funding model and included third-party partnership support (coaching) services. This project and the resulting toolkit were funded by the Ministry for Women and Gender Equality.

This toolkit is formatted as an Accessible PDF document.

This resource is in English. Also available in French: Trousse : Optimiser les projets de partenariat axés sur le changement systémique.