Learning from Stories: Supporting Exclusive Breastfeeding

Booklet in English for service providers: Gathers inspiring stories to help them protect, encourage, and support exclusive breastfeeding in their community. (2016)

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This booklet is part of a series of five Learning from Stories booklets, in which the actions being taken in Ontario to support breastfeeding were surveyed using a Healthy Communities Approach, and the qualitative results of the interviews gathered into stories by the interviewers/writers, in the hope of inspiring and helping service providers in Ontario to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.

This booklet gathers inspiring stories of innovative work done across the province looking for ways to educate breastfeeding mothers, their support networks, their health care providers, their employers, and society as a whole, in the hope to overcome the many barriers to exclusive and continued breastfeeding.


Also available in French.


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