Programme d’éducation prénatale

Teaching aid in French for service providers for face-to-face prenatal education sessions with pregnant women and their partner. (2016)

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The Prenatal Education Program is a teaching aid for face-to-face prenatal education sessions. The program consists of a series of 11 independent modules which are created in PowerPoint and available in PDF format from the webpage accessible by clicking above. Each module includes three files in PDF format: the slides in full size, the extensive speaker notes and a module outline (objectives, teaching aids, references, etc.). The content covers the stages of pregnancy and the transition to parenting. The audience for these modules includes the pregnant woman and her partner.

Module topics are:

1. Prenatal Care,

2. Changes in Pregnancy,

3. Healthy Eating,

4. Physical & Emotional Fitness,

5. Environmental Exposures,

6. Labour and Birth,

7. Comfort Measures,

8. Medical Interventions & Caesarean Birth,

9. Breastfeeding Basics,

10. Postpartum Changes, and

11. Newborn Care & Safety.


Also available in English.