Éducation prénatale : Messages clés pour l’Ontario

Website in French of evidence-based information that can be used for routine universal prenatal education by a range of prenatal education providers. (2016)


This tool is for Ontario service providers involved in prenatal education (prenatal educators, midwives, nurses, physicians etc.). It shares universal prenatal information and includes key messages to provide to clients, as well as supporting evidence to guide service providers. The tool consists of 25 topics, covering the areas of pre-conception, pregnancy, labour, birth, newborn and postpartum. It will assist in the provision of consistent evidence-informed key messages about preconception, prenatal and postpartum health by service providers in Ontario. It responds to the need identified by the No Time to Wait report to provide women, their partners and service providers with consistent evidence-informed preconception, prenatal and postpartum information across a wide range of prenatal education opportunities (e.g. classes, drop-ins, online, etc.).

Also available in English.