Trousse d’évaluation participative

Manual in French for service providers: how to conduct an efficient and fruitful participative evaluation. (2018)

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When we take time to evaluate, we gain insights and build shared understanding to better direct our work.

This toolkit is a companion to the resource The Power of Reflection: An introduction to participatory evaluation techniques (available in French and English).

Use it to deepen your understanding of a participatory approach and to broaden your options for techniques to use with your community group or partnership.

The toolkit defines evaluation, identifies what makes participatory evaluation unique, and reviews some
important considerations for any evaluation. It describes key qualities to make sure your participatory
evaluation activities are both empowering and effective, and outlines steps for coordinating evaluation activities. Following this are descriptions of seven participatory evaluation techniques to help you (re)inform, (re)align, and (re)energize your collaborative efforts.


Also available in English.