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Ready-to-use workshop in English for service providers : all you need to facilitate a workshop for parents on positive discipline. (2019)

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This ready-to-use workshop has been developed for service providers who work with parents of children from birth to age 6. It provides service providers what they need to deliver a workshop to a group of parents on the topic of child discipline. This resource can also be used on a one-on-one basis, through home visits or in clinical settings. It is based on the website Children See. Children Learn. A good complement to this resource are the FAQs about time-outs, available in English and French.


The ready-to-use workshop contains:

  • short videos (2015), available for free on the Children See. Children Learn website, or available for purchase on this page (scroll up).
  • a facilitator guide (updated in 2019) in a PDF format, downloadable for free from this page (scroll up).


All these materials are also available in French.