Pregnancy Is Not Always What You Expect

Booklet in English for future parents: Information about depression and anxiety before and during pregnancy, risks factors and when and where to get help. (2017)


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People once believed that the hormones released during pregnancy protected women’s mental health. This is no longer thought to be the case. Pregnancy is a time when some women are actually at greater risk of becoming depressed and/or anxious. Many people are aware of depression after birth (postpartum depression), but depression and/or anxiety during pregnancy are also very real conditions. Feeling sad, negative, anxious or angry can be very difficult. Yet 1 out of every 5 women will have these feelings.

This booklet talks about some strategies to help women:

  • Take care of their mental health before and during pregnancy.
  • Understand the risk factors that can lead to depression or anxiety during pregnancy.
  • Know if they are depressed or anxious during pregnancy.
  • Get help and treatment.
  • Find more information

Also available in French.