Communication Techniques to Support Clients Living with Addictions and Mental Health Issues

Webinar recording in English for Service Providers: Create more collaborative partnership with individuals living with Addictions and Mental Health issues though communication. (2019)


Webinar Description

Effective Communication Strategies

This webinar for HBHC staff will discuss the communication challenges presented by highly symptomatic individuals living with Addictions and Mental Health issues. The focus of the presentation is enhancing our communication skills to create a more collaborative partnership with HBHC clients. The webinar includes practical tips of what not to say when confronted with challenging situations and, instead, offering alternative communication approaches to best support our most dynamic clients.


Learning Objectives

  • To enhance our core interpersonal skills including active listening, supportive questioning, and accurate reflection.
  • To understand the general guidelines for supporting and communicating with individuals living with mental health challenges and addiction issues.


Megan Phillips

Megan Phillips is a Registered Psychotherapist and owner of Phillips Psychotherapy in London, ON. With nearly 20 years of Mental Health and Addictions experience, Megan is well versed in the strategies and techniques required to support vulnerable populations through all stages of development, personal growth and change. With specializations in Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Complex Trauma, as well as process disorders including addictions and eating disorders, Megan is a versatile therapist and award winning instructor of adult learning and post-secondary education.