Breastfeeding is Everyone’s Job

Webinar recording in English for any Service Providers: how to be a breastfeeding advocate and support new parents. (2019)

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Do you have breastfed babies in your programs? Do you work with prenatal families? Are you wondering how to best support them? Then this workshop is for you! Learn about why supporting breastfeeding is everyone’s job, how to be an advocate and learn some breastfeeding basics. Everything you wanted to know about breastfeeding but were afraid to ask! Topics that will be covered: anatomy of the breast, responsive cue-based feeding, breastfeeding positions, peer support, tandem nursing, let-down, colostrum, and more.


Michelle Buckner, Breastfeeding Buddies Program Coordinator, Waterloo Region

Michelle Buckner is the mother of 3 breastfeed children, holds a degree in Social Work and has been a La Leche League Leader for 12 years. Michelle has been working with women and families in the Waterloo region for 20 years, and is the coordinator of the Breastfeeding Buddies program of Waterloo Region. Michelle has spoken at numerous conferences across Canada on the topic of peer breastfeeding support, prenatal breastfeeding programs and engaging community partners in a peer lead model of support. Michelle is also the author of several Best Start breastfeeding and peer training resources, is a facilitator for the BFI Level 1 course and the 20 hour WHO peer breastfeeding course and sits on the RNAO breastfeeding advisory panel.