W29-F Webinar : La santé mentale des tout-petits : éléments fondamentaux et application pratique

Webinar recording in French: focus on the mental health of young children, and the factors that can promote or hinder this development. Presentation by Karine Collette. (2020)


This webinar, recording in French, focuses on young children’s mental health. Presented by Karine Collette, in association with Infant Mental Health Promotion, from Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.


This introductory session focuses on early childhood mental health and the factors that can promote or hinder this development. We will review the theoretical models that can be used to better understand behaviors and influencing factors and examine them in the context of community programs, working with families and young children. The session will conclude with a discussion on the challenges of translating a practical application of newborn mental health into concepts and models of program delivery and on solutions to overcome some of the existing barriers.


Karine Collette, MScOT, OTR/L, Occupational Therapy Supervisor, Achieve Beyond, New York, NY.

Karine Collette is an occupational therapist who works in early intervention (0 to 3 years) at home in New York City. Karine was always passionate about supporting the children of her community and brings a unique view in occupational therapy using an approach that supports the mental health of toddlers through all the development stages. Before moving to the United States, Karine worked at Infant Mental Health Promotion at SickKids Hospital as a project coordinator and as a pediatric occupational therapist at Hand Skills for Children in Toronto. In addition, Karine taught at Seneca College in their toddler mental health graduate certificate program.