Étape par étape : engagement des pères dans les programmes pour les familles

Manual in French for service providers: planning and implementing strategies for engaging fathers. (2011)

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Fathers are more than a nice, supportive add-on to the family system mostly managed by mothers. Fathers matter. They bring a special way of nurturing and bonding that must be encouraged and affirmed for the benefit of the children. The best time to reach fathers is when they are experiencing change and are looking for support. This most clearly happens during the prenatal and postnatal periods. This gives an opportunity to establish a good working relationship with fathers which encourages their involvement, educates them about the positive impact they will have on their children and connects them with other fathers. It also mediates the couple’s adjustment to life with a baby. Parenting programs need to start prenatally, be offered once the baby arrives and continue throughout the first few years of the child’s life.

This manual is designed to give you a step-by-step guide for planning and implementing your strategy for engaging fathers. Each section provides ideas from fathers and practitioners, some with over a decade of experience. There are Reflections after each section to guide your work. Program Perspectives are also provided for a glimpse at effective programs.


Also available in English.