A Child Becomes Strong – Journeying Through Each Stage of the Life Cycle

Manual in English for service providers : culturally specific teachings about First Nations child development/child rearing in Ontario. (2020)


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This manual was created to offer culturally specific teachings and information about Ontario First Nations child development/child rearing to service providers who work with young First Nations families.

This manual has information about:

  • First Nations child rearing practices;
  • developmental milestones;
  • healthy child development issues that are specific to First Nations people;
  • strategies to promote healthy child development; and
  • how parents can be positive role models.

This is all done within a First Nations context. It speaks to the wholistic approach to supporting families and provides supportive strategies for each family member at various stages of the life cycle.

Our hope is that this manual will increase:

  • awareness of how First Nations children develop, from a traditional perspective; and
  • the practice and acceptance of traditional ways of helping children to develop, such as naming ceremonies, drumming, and fasting.